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The Art of Retouching Your FYEO® Portraits.

Hi I'm Natalie. I will be looking after your pictures once you've chosen your favourites from your photoshoot. Every photograph you choose is airbrushed and printed by me, here at the studio:-)

When you choose a picture, I open it in a program called Photoshop on my computer and spend around 20 minutes fine tuning it and making it even more gorgeous! By fine tuning, I mean...

  • Skin smoothing
  • Nips & tucks 
  • Cellulite removal 
  • Stretch mark removal

    I will be working alongside your photographer to make sure that your images are airbrushed exactly the way you want. I think it's really nice for you to know that your pictures will be kept in the safety of our female and confidential in—house airbrushing and printing department here and not sent away to a big photo lab where you don't know who is looking at you! I know I wouldn't want my pictures being airbrushed by a man!

    If you have any questions about our airbrushing or printing services, please feel free to email me!

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Your questions answered...

I'm worried about my stretch marks and my saggy tummy. Can I look good in Body Portraits?

You're in safe hands. The FYEO Girls are famous for creating very flattering portraits of women of all ages, shapes and size, including mums' who have stretch marks and a saggy tummy. Your photographer will use a combination of styling, lighting, camera angles and airbrushing to discreetly hide those areas you don't want to feature heavily! We call it 'FYEO Body-Sculpting'

I'm not worried about being airbrushed. Do you still have to airbrush my pictures?

It's part of our artistic house style to airbrush your pictures, however, we will take into consideration your specific requests and keep airbrushing to a minimum if you like. Once you've seen your pictures, you can put in your specific requirements.

 Your FYEO® photo shoot and airbrushing journey

1./Step one, your creative FYEO® photo shoot

During your shoot, your professional boudoir photographer will direct and light you in the FYEO® studio, showing you how to get into poses which are designed to flatter your body. This artistic process guarantees to make the very best of your body shape, and is the first step of building your FYEO® collection.  

2./ Step two, your photographers edit

After your FYEO® shoot, your pictures are edited and lightly airbrushed by your photographer. Some of the photos will be black and white, some might be in colour. Your photographer will have made a few tweaks to your images so you can get an impression of how your finished portraits will look.

3./ Step three, viewing your FYEO® portraits...

Now you get to see your gorgeous photos!  You can choose your favourite pictures from your photographers edit.  The edit will have lots of pictures, (how many exactly will depend on the photo package you bought.) If you have one of our premium packages you will be able to make your photo choices in a private online viewing gallery, which is live for 7 days. Otherwise, you'll need to choose your pictures with your photographer on the day.

4./ Step four, special requests

You can make particular requests for your boudoir photography airbrushing, for example, tattoo or scar removal or enhancing of the shot. Your photographer will decide what is possible and let you know.

5./ Step five, airbrushing your pictures

When you've made your final selection,  your pictures then go over to Natalie, (FYEO's boudoir queen of airbrushing) who will work on your pictures in lots more detail. As a guide, she will spend about 20 minutes on each of your photographs.

Airbrushing is included in the price of your photo shoot package, with the exception of the New York backdrop, which we charge an extra £50 for because of the extra work and time involved.


Choose any theme for your FYEO shoot, including:

Bridal Body, Fabulous at 40, Body-sculpting, Lingerie Boudoir, White Hot, Body Oil, BOUDOIR BUMP™, Super Raunchy, Couples, or Plus Size.

If you have any questions get in touch with the FYEO Girls. 
Our direct line is 01494 880250. xx


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