The Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

Stunning boudoir photographs of you, as a wedding gift for your Groom...

Create a unique & personal wedding gift for your groom. Treat him to the 'boudoir bride' photos he has always wanted from you! Indulge in his passion for your body with your portraits from when love is new.  Just one visit to our specialist boudoir bride photography centre is needed to create your personal gift.


  • One - to - one with your female photographer you'll be directed in our private studio

  • The boudoir poses you'll be directed into (unique to us) are designed to get the very best out of your body shape

  • The benefits of our poses include — cellulite busting, leg lengthening, slimming, curve creating & skin smoothing.

  • Our studio is really dark so you won't feel self conscious at all, in fact, the whole experience is a massive confidence boost for a bride, we've even appeared in a BBC documentary about body confidence with Alesha Dixon on the BBC!
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Plan your photo shoot today... 

When should I have my Bridal Boudoir photoshoot?

We take bookings for photo shoots up to a year in advance. Please allow 6 weeks after your shoot to get your finished Groom's wedding gift.  For example, if your wedding is in May, you'll need to have your shoot in March. We have a waiting list for last minute shoots. Call 01494 881881 for more information.


Save the date

Contact the FYEO Girls to check availability for your  wedding. When you buy your shoot online, we offer a guarantee that we can fit you in, or your money back.


... because not all your wedding photographs are for sharing!

Imagine your Grooms' face when he unwraps this truly personal wedding gift from you,  the love of his life. Your photographs will give you a private memory of how you are now, and a wedding gift that you'll both enjoy forever.

Leave your FOR YOUR EYES ONLY gift box, the night before the wedding with a note — “Meet me at the altar“ xx


  • This is the wedding gift your groom really  wants from you!

  • Exclusive portraits of you as his 'boudoir bride'

  • The chance to see your body as a beautiful work of art 

  • An amazing confidence boost, as seen on BBC TV


What do Brides say about the FYEO Girls?

The FYEO Girls have photographed over 20,000 brides of all ages and sizes since 2002 and have thousands of fabulous reviews!

Bride to be, Alison says,  "What an amazing experience! I have never felt sexy or even slightly photogenic but looking at the end results I was blown away by how incredible I look! I felt completely comfortable during the shoot. My fiancé is going to be stunned when he sees my BOUDOIR BRIDE gift the morning of our wedding. Many thanks to my photographer Claire. xx"


Where are the studios?

Your photoshoot will take place in our luxury, safe, and all female run studio. We have two studios, one in the South and one in the North of England. 


Who will photograph me?

You'll be photographed by one of the FYEO Girls, Gemma, Alex, Charlie and Claire. Whilst you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room.


How will I know how to pose?

Your photographer will show you how to pose and direct you the whole way through your session.


What do I wear?

Bring your favourite lingerie and bridal accessories to your boudoir bride shoot. Most of our brides choose to have a few black & white nude shots as well as lingerie portraits in their album. You can do that too. You may like a nude shot with your veil draped across you.  Whatever you're comfortable with on the day is fine.


Why choose the FYEO Girls?

Our famous body–sculpting artistry will give you a timeless collection of portraits to flatter your body and give you more body confidence. PLUS, What an amazing wedding gift for your Groom. I bet he won't be expecting this gift!!

The Body Portrait studio experience is second to none. Since 2002 our reputation as the world's original leading bridal boudoir studio attracts customers from internationally, from California, Australia, Russia, South Africa and China! The studios are privately owned by Alexandra Vince. Her talented team of female photographers, make–up artists and skin smoothing air–brushers will make sure your trip to our studio is a once in a lifetime experience which promises to leave you floating on air!


How much should I budget for?

Photo shoots start at just £99. Check out our prices page and choose from 10 different packages.


 Join the FYEO® clientele of celebrities and stylish brides who are creating artistic body portraits as a personal wedding gift for the groom. In our luxury boudoir bride studio, you'll be fully directed by a female photographer into a variety of poses wearing your favourite lingerie and wedding accessories. 

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