Body Sculpting Boudoir

This boudoir photography gallery features friends and staff of the FYEO Girls. Think we look like models? We‘re not! We‘ve all got different body shapes including pear, boy and apple, sizes 8 to 14.

  • Your female boudoir photographer will direct you into all the poses, exactly like the portraits you see here in this gallery.

  • Because of the sleek lines and smooth contours it gives your body, we call our style of boudoir photography 'Body Sculpting™'. 

The benefits our expertise

  • Leg lengthening
  • Tummy tucking
  • Skin smoothing
  • Curve creating
  • Body lifting
  • Slimming
  • Confidence boosting!!



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Tasteful and artistic photography by the FYEO Girls.

Your photographer will create stunning photographic portraits of you in our professional Body Sculpting™  boudoir studio.

You‘ll have your own private studio for your photo shoot experience and our guarantee of confidentiality with full in house airbrushing and printing facilities by an all female team.

We create our trademark 'Body Sculpted' style inside our specialist studios. To show your body off at its very best, we use professional equipment in our boudoir studio; the body contouring platform, skin smoothing lighting and cellulite busting shadow techniques.

More like a workout than a photo shoot, your personal female photographer will get you into 'twister meets yoga' poses in the studio. The combination of lighting, styling and movement combine to give you dramatic, flattering poses. Posture is key to getting the right look for your boudoir photography and the FYEO Girls are experts at it. You'll be in the studio one to one with your female boudoir photographer. She'll give you all the direction you need to see your body in a brand new light.

Our pioneering artistry is often copied but never surpassed!

We are the leading authority in the genre of body photography as Director Alexandra Burns is the original creator of this genre of photography. Her primary aim has always been to make her photography services accessible and flattering to all women regardless of age or body shape whilst offering a wide variety of poses.

Our level of expertise and experience in the art of body photography/ is the most advanced in the portrait industry. We've successfully shaped and photographed over twenty thousand women in our body sculpting studios for more than a decade.  Our secret formula for boudoir photography has been featured regularly in the press, and celebrities such as Gok Wan and Alesha Dixon have commented on how lovely our boudoir photography experience is… As seen on BBC One.

Our Body Sculpting techniques are exclusively available  in our specialist studios. It's a creative system designed and pioneered by Alexandra Vince, Studio Director.

Our photographic style is to create age defying, timeless portraits which will not date. Our pictures are super tasteful and artistic, not pornographic. Our exclusive all female crew are fun and down to earth and work in a creative, precise, artistic style.

The FYEO Girls have over 14 years experience directing and training boudoir photography for brides, plus size, couples and boudoir photos.

Book your photo shoot today and let the fun begin!

Your Guarantee

We promise to get the very best out of your body shape. You won't believe how amazing you'll look. That's guaranteed, or we'll shoot you again. 

See You soon.
The FYEO Girls


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