BBC Radio Manchester

BBC Radio Manchester

Alexandra Burns is a regular guest on Heather Stott's 'Breakfast Club' show.
This week Kirstie Walker,  FYEO's head of photography gives her story instead.

Alexandra Burns is the MD of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® and is the original pioneer of this new genre of photography also known as boudoir photography, made accessible for the first time to all women regardless of their shape or size. Not to be confused with cheesey fashion makeover or glamour photography as prescribed by what was previously an industry dominated by letchy male photographers.

Alexandra and her creative all female team of qualified professional photographers have the unique sensitive perspective and  empathy of women's needs and concerns about their body image

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FYEO® boudoir photographs are often commissioned as a wedding gift or as a gift to their partner.  Either way, the results are staggering and a genuine confidence boost. Furthermore, the photos are prepared and despatched by female only staff so that they are genuinly 'FOR HIS EYES ONLY™' when opened and viewed for the first time!!!
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