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Vanessa Phelps interviews Alexandra Burns

Vanessa Phelps is keen to learn more about the new genre pf photo shoot phenomenon also known as boudoir photography. Alexandra Burns CEO and founder of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® originally created this genre of photography because she realised how hopeless and distant most women felt fron the seemingly unatainable imagery they are exposed to in glossy fasion magazines, which is very damaging for self esteem.

However, Alexandra's boudoir portraiture guarantees to boost every woman's confidence regardless of age, shape and size and banish body image insecurities by showing them just how gorgeous they really are!

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Alexandra achieved this by developing a myriad of tasteful and artistic body art photography techniques and poses that she also refers to as 'Body Sculpting Photography' which she originally developed at Manchester Univerity over 20 years ago. As a result of this FYEO PORTRAITS® is the only studio capable of producing each customer with a rich and diverse range of staggering poses which is why her reutation is regognised by women who are prepared to travel from all over the world for the ultimate photo therapy. Needless to say if they are creating a boudoir photo album gift, their partners are quite simply blown away as they see their favourite girl in a whole new jaw dropping dimension.

Although, glamour and fashion makeover photography has been available to the public, since photography was invented,  she noticed that most of the fashion / makeover photographers were letchy old men, in an industry dominated by men; furthermore they had no concept of how to make a women feel and look stong and confident in a portrait whilst being sensitive to their insecurities and needs. This usually resulted in cheesey looking soft porn snaps, which only satisfied the egocentric tilitaltions of the male photographer.

When Alexandra first setup her brand FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAIT®,  it was so successful, that many struggling photographers, especially men, tried to infinge her brand name by offering FOR YOUR EYES ONLY SHOOTS which led to many successful 'cease and desist' legal battles.  Although this was a compliment to Alexanda's creativity and business acumen, she realised that she had to advise and educate such unscupulous copycat photographers of another term they were free to use for her genre of photography. — The term she created was and still is — 'BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY.'


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