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Boudoir Poses Book

FYEO® photo posing secrets

Signed hardback book by pioneering world famous founder in Boudoir Photography Alexandra Vince.

Revealing the secrets of her bestselling shape-sensation boudoir poses for the first time ever. British Boudoir Photographer Alexandra Vince illustrates her techniques for successful boudoir photography inside this body-sculpting posing guide.

Features of the Alexandra's boudoir book

  • Background to the success of the FYEO® boudoir studios
  • Top 13 FYEO® studio poses
  • Precision directions for the photographer to give a model
  • Studio lighting for FYEO® studio boudoir photography poses
  • FYEO® top styling tips and lighting ideas for boudoir photography
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About the author

"Alexandra Vince is quite simply an inspiration.

A pioneer in the field of boudoir photography, she is still very much top of the league. But more important than that is her understanding of the female form, and the associated issues that women have with their body.

By photographing women using unique lighting and carefully tuned poses, she can make every woman of any size look good and consequently feel great. What an amazing talent to have and a wonderful position to be in. Many have tried - and failed - to emulate Alex's style and success. Long may she continue as the world's best and original boudoir photographer."

Rachel Southwood — Editor and Director of Wedding Ideas Magazine.

About  FYEO®

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® specialises in shape sensation boudoir portraiture for all women and couples from petite to plus size, offering guaranteed results and beautiful flattering photographic portraits. With over ten years experience and successfully photographing more than 20,000 women and couples. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® leads the way in creative boudoir photography.


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