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Boudoir Album

 New! Handmade Leather Album

  • Black Leather Album
  • High quality leather album
  • Black
  • Holds up to 20 pictures 9x6 inch size
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Black card pages
  • Metal corners
  • Self adhesive card mounts for mounting your own photos

    If you have had the DIgital Shoot, why not get the FYEO Girls to print out your pictures and put them in the boudoir album!

 You can buy the boudoir album on it's own, or add a boudoir photo shoot.

This album is perfect as an add on to our Gift Box Shoot.


This is the boudoir album everyone is talking about!

Our famous black leather photo album. Perfect for displaying your boudoir photos if you are creating a wedding gift for your groom, or a birthday / xmas / valentine gift for someone special. 

Print  your own photos 9x6 inch size, or use the photos from your own Body Portraits Photoshoot.

Buy the boudoir album if you want to mount your own photos into a quality leather photo album.

If you have already had a photo shoot with us, you may have bought the digital images from your shoot. To print those images we charge £10 per picture.

We can airbrush & print your photos to go into the album. For this service we charge £10 per 9x6 print and £39 for the airbrushing. 

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