Wedding Gift For Your Groom

A wedding gift for your groom!
Hi, we are the FYEO® Girls and we are here to help you create an amazing wedding gift for your groom

The idea is that you visit our Boudoir Bride® studio before your wedding day to create a stunning collection of portraits as a rather special wedding gift for your groom. Your female photographer will direct you into gorgeous black and white sexy, tasteful nude portraits wearing your wedding accessories and favourite lingerie.

The photo shoot experience is for you, but the wedding gift is for your groom!  You’re in for a real treat and so is he!

wedding gift for your groom at FYEO®
We are the FYEO Girls! Experts in bridal boudoir photography, since 2002.

Get ready for action!

  • To create this amazing wedding gift for your groom, some planning is involved! It’s going to take action on your part.
  • You’ll need to plan outfits for your boudoir bride photo shoot, take a day trip to our studio, follow expert direction into super flattering studio poses guaranteed to make your body look amazing AND manage to keep it all a secret!!
  • Your BOUDOIR BRIDE® photo shoot is pretty physical. It’ll be worth the effort though, because we promise to get VERY best out of your body shape.
  • In our specialist body photography studio, you’ll be twisting, arching, lifting, bending and stretching into some pretty awesome shapes.
  • We call it ‘body sculpting’ and it’s unique to FYEO®. In fact, we invented it!
  • Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to pose. You will be directed through the poses by your own personal female photographer.
  • Your groom will love this personal, thoughtful wedding gift from you.
wedding gift for the groom
Your boudoir photography experience takes place in a private studio with flattering lighting and a body sculpting platform to get the best shapes out of your body.

A Specialist studio to create your wedding gift for your groom

In our specialist boudoir studio, your will be lit with beautiful skin smoothing lighting. Our studio light is the most flattering way of lighting your body because it creates highlights and shadows to shape and sculpt your body, to make it look its very best! We have a ‘body sculpting’ platform for you to lay down on. You needn’t worry about your body shape or size because the body sculpting platform is designed for women of all sizes.

How to book your Grooms Wedding Gift at FYEO®

To book your shoot, contact the FYEO® girls today. Brides are booking up to a year in advance for their shoots, so don’t miss out!It takes 6 weeks after your shoot to get your pictures back, so start planning your groom’s wedding gift today!!!

This wedding gift for your groom will blow his socks off!
Leave Your Pictures For Your Groom To Find With A Note… Meet me at the altar!

Good things to know about FYEO® when booking your wedding gift for your groom

  1. FYEO® is the longest established boudoir studio in the world.
  2. We’ve been helping Brides to create a wedding gift for the groom since 2002
  3. We offer a 100% female service from booking in to printing your pictures. Click here to meet the team.
  4. We have thousands of happy customers. Click here to read our reviews of Brides who have created a wedding gift for the groom.
  5. We have a celebrity clientele who trust us. Click here to see our celebrity reviews.
  6. We offer you more poses, value for money and expertise than any other studio. Click here to view our prices.
  7. Your privacy is really important to us. Click here to read about your privacy.
  8. At FYEO® you are guaranteed an expert female photographer
  9. You will be photographed in your own private studio
  10. Your wedding gift for your groom will be printed by the FYEO® girls
  11. We’re a small and friendly team of girlies
  12. There’s no hard sell.


Go for it! You know he’ll love this personal sexy gift from YOU!

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