bridal boudoir photo shoot

bridal boudoir photo shoot
Wear your wedding shoes in your sexy lingerie or nude photo shoot!!

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bridal boudoir photo shoot at FYEO®

Visit the FYEO body-sculpting studio before your wedding day to create an utterly stunning boudoir photography gift for your Groom with the FYEO Girls!

During your private session in our specialist body-sculpting boudoir studio,  you’ll be fully directed by one of the FYEO Girls into shape sensation poses which are 100% guaranteed to flatter your body. You won’t believe how amazing you’ll look and your Groom will be thrilled with his extra special wedding gift. Leave your gorgeous portraits for him to find with a note…

Meet me at the Altar!!!

He’ll be skipping down the aisle!

Create a  wedding  gift for your Groom with a bridal boudoir photo shoot at FYEO® .

Wearing your favourite lingerie, your personal female photographer will direct you into skin smoothing, flattering poses, giving you a collection of ‘Once in a lifetime’ boudoir photography portraits which will give your Groom butterflies! Why not give him your boudoir wedding gift the night before your wedding with a note, ‘meet me at the altar….’
Start planning your boudoir photography photo shoot today! Advance bookings essential.

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To book your bridal boudoir photo shoot call 01494 880250 or email and start planning your shoot today!

The FYEO Girls can’t wait to make you feel and look gorgeous with their famous boudoir bride photo shoot experience
For Your Eyes Only Portraits is the original, specialist, all female boudoir photography studio. You can commission a wedding gift for your Groom with the Girls…. make sure to book in well in advance as the studios do get booked up really early

Your female FYEO®  Boudoir photographer will give YOU the bridal boudoir photo shoot experience of a beautiful body and help you to create a #Groomsgift that you can both treasure forever!! Click here to meet the team.

See you soon!
The FYEO® Girls.