Boudoir for Brides and Bridal Boudoir Photography

Boudoir for Brides and Bridal Boudoir Photography

I’m shy
We know you’re shy. Our clients are usually shy to begin with, but once inside our blackout boudoir studio and following the precise direction from a female FYEO photographer, you’ll soon relax. We’ve been specialising in body sculpting boudoir photography for over 10 years now and know exactly how to make you feel at home:-) Your photos will not humiliate you they will empower you and make you feel amazing, so it’s worth breaking through your shy barrier to come and see us! xx

I don’t like my body ( but he loves it)
He loves everything about you, he’s about to spend the rest of is life with you. he loves your curves, your sense of style, the way you move, the way you smell, he loves your bum! Having an FYEO shoot  is great for your confidence because you get to see why he thinks you’re so gorgeous.

Boudoir for Brides and Bridal Boudoir Photography
Boudoir for Brides and Bridal Boudoir Photography

When do most brides give their gift to their Groom?
Most Brides give the photos to their groom on the morning of the wedding with a note saying meet me at the altar! Some Brides prefer to wait until the evening of the wedding as they want to see the expression on his face when he opens his gift. Be warned, there are often some tears, it’s an emotional moment:-)

What do most brides buy from FYEO?
Most Brides have print in a grooms gift box. The amount of prints depend on their budget, our bestseller is the 10 photo gift box. You should budget around £300 to £600. x

What do most brides wear to their FYEO shoot?
Most Brides wear their wedding lingerie, honeymoon lingerie, favourite killer heels and jewellery, also they bring something that belongs to the groom such as his favourite shirt and tie.

How soon before my wedding do I need to book my Boudoir for Brides and Bridal Boudoir Photography
To get the date you want, we recommend up to a year in advance, if you can be flexible on dates, you can leave it later, we print and airbrush everything in house, so we can work to some fairly tight deadlines, best thing to do is ask before you buy a shoot :-)