Boudoir photo shoot at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS®

Boudoir photo shoot at FYEO® 

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® Photo Shoots Are Confidence Boosting!

Privacy is 100% guaranteed.
All female crew
• Gorgeous, stylish lingerie and nude portraits
• A 
fantabulous gift idea!

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boudoir photo shoot
Gorgeous black and white photographs of you, taken in a private studio at FYEO PORTRAITS®

At FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® we totally love shooting fabulously intimate boudoir photography sessions but did you know that boudoir photography is not just about taking pretty pictures (although this is the result)?

Confidence boosting boudoir photo shoot by FYEO
Stunning pictures of you, taken in the FYEO PORTRAITS® studio by a female photography.

It is ALL about the experience. Especially here at the FYEO PORTRAITS® studios.

Throughout your photo shoot we want to help boost your confidence, indulge you with a day of pampering (both inside and out) and ensure that you leave us looking and feeling Incredible Ever After™!

FYEO, For your eyes only boudoir photo shoot
You will be directed fully into every pose.

For every boudoir shoot we photograph we want to capture your unique beauty and bring out the elements of your personality and your body that you love! I know that we all the FYEO® gals love getting to know you and your reasons behind wanting to do your boudoir shoot. We want your time with us to be a celebration of you, and we hope that by doing so we help you find a new found confidence in yourself. We believe that every woman is beautiful and want to show you guys that.

FYEO Photos
Beautiful lighting and fully directed poses by a female photographer at FYEO PORTRAITS®

Whatever your reason for visiting the FYEO PORTRAITS® studio for a boudoir photo shoot, be it a 40th birthday gift, anniversary gift, romantic or sexy pressie, or just a confidence boost, we will make you feel spectacular.

FYEO boudoir
Sexy boudoir portraits of you!

At the end of your boudoir photo shoot, we want you to be feeling a million dollars and knowing that you are beautiful, confident and sexy. I think that as women, we are so judgemental on our bodies. It is nice to have a morning/afternoon where we can appreciate who we are; our uniqueness; our individual body type and to celebrate our imperfections. After all, it’s our imperfections that make us unique. I am a proud pear shape, so I have a curvy bottom whereas Alex is a beautiful tall, sporty figure. Your body shape and size doesn’t matter to us. We photograph everyone because everyone is beautiful, and it’s our mission to show you that.

back and bum photo
Artistic nude portraits can be a fabulous confidence boost

If you feel like you could do with finding a new level of self-confidence then please take a look at our boudoir photo shoot options and galleries. We promise that all those fabulous photographs are not of models, some of them are us after all.

black and white photos
Sexy black and white portraits at FYEO PORTRAITS®

For more information on our boudoir photo shoot options, or just to ask a few more questions about an FYEO PORTRAITS® boudoir photo shoot, call 01494 880250, or email the FYEO® Girls