Wedding Boudoir Photography

Wedding Boudoir Photography

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wedding boudoir photography

We have been nominated for a Special Touches award in the British Wedding Awards for our beautiful and classy wedding boudoir photography.

Every year, the girls at FYEO® work with hundreds of brides who are looking for a special touch to give their groom as a gift. An FYEO® photo album offers a sentimental solution to a very important wedding gift for the groom.

To create your wedding gift, check out our BOUDOIR BRIDE® gallery for inspiration and make sure you fit your photo shoot session in your planner for around 6 weeks before your wedding.

Don’t miss out, you can book a session up to a year in advance.

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The FYEO® Girls


Wedding Gift

Your Groom’s Wedding Gift Should Be Something He Never Forgets!

The FYEO® Girls have been helping brides to create a personal wedding gift for their grooms since 2002. A unique, specialist service for Brides, you won’t find this experience anywhere else. An exclusively all female studio service, here’s a Q&A with studio director Alexandra Burns.

  1. Why is an FYEO® shoot such a popular wedding gift?  Brides love the thrill of making a personal wedding gift for the groom that he won’t be expecting. The groom has secretly always wanted photos like this of his bride, the wedding gift is a great excuse to indulge him! Brides have worked hard for their pre wedding body, so it’s lovely to have professional portraits taken at such a happy time. The photos are a private memory for the happy couple of the brides pre wedding body. Brides love FYEO®  photos because they are classy but sexy at the same time.  Brides also love the FYEO®  female run service, because of the safety & confidentiality we guarantee

    wedding gift
    create a wedding gift at the FYEO® studio
  2. How do grooms react to an FYEO® wedding gift?  Because it’s such a personal gift, grooms are often moved to tears.  A recent review from a Groom –Sarah left her FYEO®  photos for me to find on the morning of our wedding, with a ‘ meet me at the altar!’ note.  I must say I was totally blown away with the whole concept of the gift, not only did she look confident and sexy, a woman who I admired, loved and found incredibly attractive, but I could see the effort she had gone to and the amount of thought she put in to the gift. The sensitive and intimate thought behind the gift left me very emotional. We’ve been married for a couple of years now and still enjoy looking at the pictures.” — Daniel G. London, 2015

    wedding gift for the groom
    Leave Your Pictures For Your Groom To Find With A Note… Meet me at the altar!
  3. Who photographs me?  – You’ll be photographed by a really lovely, friendly expert female photographer, who is trained in the art of FYEO® body photography. She’ll show you how to pose to get the very best out of your body shape. It’s just you and your female photographer in the FYEO® studio together, so it’s nice and private.  The airbrushing and printing are also done by a female retoucher at FYEO®, as we offer a fully female run service, from booking in, to receiving your finished photo album.

    wedding gift photographers
    We are the FYEO Girls! Experts in bridal boudoir photography, since 2002.

  4. Where do the shoots take place?   You can choose between our specialist studio locations in Manchester and also near London

    FYEO® wedding gift
    FYEO® professional studios

  5. What do I need to bring to the shoot / What do I wear in the shoot? Bring your wedding accessories, favourite lingerie and heels to the studio as you’ll be styled wearing your own outfits. Lots of brides bring the grooms shirt and tie, or something that belongs to him, one bride brought along her groom’s surf board!

    wedding gift idea for groom
    Bring your wedding accessories and favourite lingerie to the shoot

  6. What happens in the studio?  You’ll be very comfortable in your own private FYEO® studio, it’ll just be you and your friendly expert female photographer in there together. The poses you’ll be directed into are designed to make the most out of your body shape, for example, we have leg lengthening, slimming, waist cynching and skin smoothing techniques which are unique to FYEO®. The specialist studio is also really dark, so you won’t feel self conscious . The whole experience is a massive confidence boost for a bride, in fact FYEO® appeared in a BBC documentary about body confidence!

    wedding gift photoshoot
    Fully Directed Poses at FYEO®

  7. When do I need to book this wedding gift? How do I plan?  Your wedding gift creating shoot should be in your bridal planner for around 6 weeks before the wedding date. The FYEO® studios get booked up a year in advance so plan early! Oh, and you only need to visit the studio once to create your gift! You can book your shoot by calling the FYEO® Girls on 01494 880250, emailing,  or you can buy a photo shoot online.