Pregnancy Photo Shoot at FYEO®

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Celebrate your new shape with a BOUDOIR BUMP™ photo shoot at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™.  Spring is just around the corner and with it’s lovely sunny glow we all begin to think of a new life that brings me to all you ladies sporting beautiful pregnancy photo shoot.
We love pregnancy photo shoots!! We think that you should celebrate your  pregnancy with a wonderous FYEO PORTRAITS® pregnancy photo shoot!

Pregnancy photo shoot at FYEO®
Celebrate your new shape with a For Your Eyes Only Photo Shoot

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® for Mums-to-be to have a pregnancy photo shoot to capture the beauty of their pregnancy.  With celebrities like Demi Moore, Myleene Klass and Christina Aguilera gracing the covers of fashion magazines, proudly displaying their beautiful bumps it has made the idea of celebrating your pregnancy trough photography a beautiful and accessible idea.
At FYEO PORTRAITS®, you can record your body at its most feminine and curvaceous with a boudoir photo album full of flattering, elegant pregnancy portraits that capture your distinctive glow? Whether you prefer soft and sensual, artistic, abstract or creative, we will turn your body into a work of art just take a look at our gorgeous BOUDOIR BUMP™ gallery. Your partner can also be included for part of the shoot so you can have images that celebrate your relationship and this unique moment in your lives.
The Girls at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ promise to make you shine in your photo shoot!

Not all women feel gorgeous and feminine when they‘re pregnant, but in fact you are the definition of beauty and gorgeousness. For this brief time, your body is a miracle in the making that deserves to be celebrated. Memories of your bump will grow more and more precious with time, so make sure you‘ve got some incredible FYEO PORTRAITS® to pour over in those moments of reflection. We promise to make you shine for all time.

At FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ Photo Shoots, we recommend the best time to have your pregnancy photo shoot is between 30 -36 weeks for optimum BOUDOIR BUMP™ size. We can arrange dates later than this, but you do then run the risk that if your baby decides to arrive earlier than expected, you may miss the opportunity of having your shoot!!

As with all FYEO® photo shoots, the level of nudity in your pregnancy portraits is totally up to you. You can wear a shirt, unbuttoned to reveal your BOUDOIR BUMP™, but keep your modesty intact. Alternatively we can drape you with Voiles so that we still see your wonderful shape, but you don’t feel so exposed. Of course, if you do want some nude maternity portraits, we are entirely comfortable with this too.
The FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ boudoir studio experience is second to none and our reputation as the world‘s original leading boudoir studio attracts customers from California, Australia, Russia, South Africa and China!

Pregnancy Photo shoot, by FYEO
Gorgeous artistic portraits of you pregnant.

FYEO‘s talented team of female photographers, make–up artists and skin smoothing air–brushers will make sure your trip to our studio is a once in a lifetime experience. We promise to leave you floating on air! Just take a look at our reviews to see what our fabulous clients have said about us.

With over ten years of pregnancy photo shoots; FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ stylish body shots offer you the opportunity to have a world-class boudoir studio experience. Our boudoir photography shape sensation studios are entirely female run and strictly confidential.

So please do get in touch on 01494 250 880 to book an experience with us to capture you during this very magical time.

See you soon