Plus Size Photography

Plus Size Photography at FYEO® .  We love your curves you should too.

plus size photography
Rock your curves at FYEO® We’ll show you how sexy you are!

At FYEO® , our knowledge of plus size photography spans more than a decade. Knowing how to move and sculpt and shape AND flatter your body, comes from years of experience in our body sculpting photo studio. We offer you a slic, confident service, giving you gentle guidance how to reveal your more private curves to the camera. The whole FYEO experience will make you feel comfortable and confident about your body. Your FYEO photos will make a fab  weddingboudoirphoto gift, or valentines gift, or just a wonderful personal gift for you.
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For FYEO, #plussizephotography defines our boudoir photography.

Since the camera was invented, men have photographed women’s bodies. We’ve all seen the gazillions of skinny models in the glossy magazines. Owner of FYEO, Alexandra Burns set up FYEO specifically to offer women a private, all female photographic service to ladies of all different shapes and sizes— almost all of our clients are curvy.

Directing you, and creating shapes with your beautiful curvy body in our beautiful studio lighting is easy for us. We have tried and tested poses which will show you how gorgeous you really are.  For us, #plussizeboudoir is just a label, we see the individual behind the body and like to reflect the person you are behind the skin. Who cares about size anyway? Not us.

We got some great advice on how to accessorise your  plus size photography

From beauty and styling tips, to advice on how to be more relaxed throughout your shoot. We would love to hear from you, so we can help you to feel amazing about your body. Get in touch with the FYEO Girls today or have a chat on the phone, 01494 880250.

More soon.
The Girls. xx