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Boudoir Poses Expert Alexandra Burns

Let’s face it the idea of posing in front of a camera makes most of us break out in a cold sweat but fear not, here at FYEO Portraits we make that fear fade away. We believe that every body is amazing. With over ten years experience in photographing women, we have the know how to position you to show your figure off at its best. Our boudoir photography poses will show you how amazing your body is and how amazing you are. Whether you are a juicy pear, athletic girl, luscious apple or curvy hourglass we take the stress out of posing with our amazing ‘bodysculpting’ techniques.

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Coined bodysculpting by our founder Alexandra Burns, this photographic technique involves directing clients into poses which literally sculpt your body with dramatic effect. Arms and legs can be made to look longer and slimmer, tummies can be stretched out, skin can be smoothed. In other words all those body issues we have can be addressed and resolved. We promise!


Well take a look at this fabulous pose. You can see that it has been created to maximise every inch of those pins to prove that you do not need to be a model to have modelesque legs.

Well here we go, direction for boudoir poses…

  • Simply sit down with your legs straight and pointing to one side.
  • Rest your hands flat behind your back.
  • Now we want your legs to be staggered to show them off! Bend your knee and bring your leg up really high. Resting onto the heel of your shoe.
  • Now bend your other knee and bring your leg up slightly lower than the one you just bent and rest onto the heel of your shoe.
  • Now here comes the arch. You want to push this as much as you can to make the most fabulously dramatic shot!
  • Arch your back and throw your head back.

The trick is to arch, arch arch, arch, arch!

boudoir poses book by Alexandra Burns

Boudoir Poses book by Alexandra Burns

If you want to find out more about our posing techniques then check out our FYEO Boudoir photo posing secrets hardbackboudoir poses in which we reveal the secrets of our bestselling shape-sensation poses for the first time ever!

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