Professional Photo Shoot

A professional photo shoot at FYEO® will make you look and feel sensational!

Treat yourself to a collection of artistic photographic portraits in the FYEO® shape sensation studio.
At FYEO® we’ll give you a professional photo shoot that will release the potential of your body shape.

You’ll experience an empowering, exciting adventure, that will leave you feeling sensational and brimming with confidence. Your unique experience will give you the gift of a lifetime and a secret smile!

Your professional photo shoot experience

One to one with a professional female photographer, you will be photographed in our flattering stylish house style.

professional photo shoot

Here’s what to expect:

  • Your own private FYEO® studio
  • Professional female photographer
  • Full direction and advice about posing & how to achieve different looks
  • Styling advise and direction — you bring your own outfits to the studio
  • Optional M.A.C. smokey eye makeup makeover

The FYEO® studio experience is a workout! To get the best out of the FYEO® professional photo shoot you’ll have to work for it. You’ll have to follow the precise direction given to you by your professional female photographer in the studio. Instructions like “move your right arm up” “bend your right knee” “keep your hips in position and turn your chest to the right” “chin up” “shake your hair out”. We promise you, that if you put your best efforts into creating these photos, that you’ll see a dramatic increase in your body confidence.

Before your shoot, plan your outfits. Most ladies bring around 4/5 sets of lingerie, heels and jewellery.

What makes us professional photographers?

  • All the FYEO® girls have graduated from University with degrees in photography.
  • Each FYEO® photographer has been trained in the art of body photography by FYEO® founder Alexandra Burns.
  • Each FYEO® photographer has photographed thousands of naked women and is experienced in directing even the most shy customer.
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Professional Photo shoot

Professional Photo Shoot at FYEO®

At FYEO® we specialise in photographing women. Our state of the art studio is the perfect backdrop for a one to one professional photo shoot with an expert female photographer. Click here to meet the female photographers.

Popular with celebrities, our fully professional and private service offers women the chance to have a fully directed photo shoot, with the guarantee of 100% confidentiality. We have beautiful studios in the North and South of England. Both offer the same level of professional photo shoot. Click here to view our locations.

Our portfolio includes:

professional photo shoot
Your boudoir photo shoot experience will make you look & feel amazing!


How is an FYEO® professional photo shoot different from other studios?

The studio
Being entirely female run offers a more relaxed environment for women. From booking in, to the make-over, from the photographer to the air-brusher, our team are all girlies. We call ourselves the FYEO® Girls!

Our photography style

We use a lot of contrasting lighting for our photography style. This means the light and dark areas of the photos are emphasised. We also use a lot of soft light, which is well known for flattering the skin.

Our studio style is to work with you one to one in the studio. You get directed into lots of poses during your professional photo shoot session. Your photographer will show you how to pose and advise you on facial expression.

professional photo shoot FYEO®
Full direction is given in the studio. It’s just you and your photographer, so nice and private!

Why choose us for your professional photo shoot?

If you want professional direction into the best poses from a female photographer, choose FYEO®.

If you want your own private studio for your professional photo shoot, choose FYEO®.

If you want a collection of professional photos from the UK’s leading studio for women, choose FYEO®.


For a friendly chat with one of our professional photographers, you can call our central office, 01494 880250 or email

We hope to see you soon!

The FYEO® Girls.