For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

New shots from the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS studio

We had fun in the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® boudoir photography studio yesterday creating our new ‘White Hot’ gallery collection.
Gemma, Alex and Charlie took turns to pose for the shoot in our Buckinghamshire studio. We hope you love our new boudoir photographs!

What happens in your FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PHOTO SHOOT?

  1. A warm welcome on arrival and chat with your female photographer
  2. A style consultation
  3. Private studio session
  4. Female photographer
  5. Direction into poses
  6. Skin smoothing lighting
  7. Photographers edit with your best shots
  8. You chose your favourites to be printed!

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See you soon,
The FYEO® Girls.


One to one with a female photographer at FYEO
One to one with a female photographer, you’ll have a private studio experience.
Sexy nude photo shoots by FYEO.
Sexy, nude flattering portraits of you looking the most confident ever!
Book your White Hot shoot today!
Ask about our new White Hot Boudoir Photo shoot at the FYEO PORTRAITS® boudoir studio. Call the girls on 01494 880250
Confidential photo shoots by female photographers.
You can bare as much as you want to, your pictures will never leave our care until you sign for them.
FYEO PORTRAITS® offer an in-house service from studio to print.
Arching, twister and stretching, all part of the photo shoot workout!
Each pose you see here has been carefully directed by a female FYEO PORTRAITS® photographer.
Artistic nude portraits by a female photographer at FYEO
An artistic photo shoot can be as revealing as you want it to be. You might find – as many FYEO PORTRAITS® customers do that you feel so comfortable in the studio that you have more nude shots than you thought you would.
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® promise an entirely confidential service for every customer. We’re an all female team of photographers, airbrushers and printers, and we’re very friendly!
Confidentaility and happiness comes guaranteed at FYEO!
Our Guarantee. We’ll get the very best out of your body shape. You won’t believe how fantastic you’ll look. That’s guaranteed, or we’ll shoot you again.
Boudoir Bride Shoots at FYEO
Boudoir Bride shoots at FYEO PORTRAITS®. If you can keep a secret, imagine how surprised, proud and thrilled your Groom will be when he realises what you’ve been up to in creating his wedding gift.
Sexy, private photo services, by FYEO portraits.
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® is a safe place where you can indulge in your partner’s passion your body. You can create personal artistic photos as a confidence boost — in the comfort of a female-run studio and private print production facility.
Join FYEO's clientel of stylish women and celebrities!
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® has a celebrity following and often appears on TV and in the press. It has gained respect in the photographic industry as leading the way in a new genre of personal portraiture, also known as Boudoir photography.
Close up body portraits, by FYEO
Every customer session at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® is a one to one studio experience with a female photographer.
Does he love your feet?
Does he love your feet? Commission, your body portraiture with an FYEO® photographer at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® boudoir photography studios.
Have fun at your FYEO boudoir photography shoot!
FYEO PORTRAITS® photo shoots are a fantastic fun experience! Step out of your comfort zone and into the glamorous world of FYEO®
Fully directed poses by a female photographer in the FYEO studio.
Wholly directed poses by a female photographer in the FYEO PORTRAITS® studio.
boudoir photography at for your eyes only
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® is the prestigious British studio offering a unique body-sculpting photo shoot for real women.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ Photo Shoots Company Profile


Established in 2002 FYEO®  offers professional boudoir photo shoot and photographic services to women over 18 years old.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY photo shoot sessions take place inside their luxury private boudoir photography studios in the UK.
Services provided include ‘boudoir’ photo shoots and print finishing services such as airbrushing and printing. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’s™ unique selling point is the promise of an entirely confidential service provided under one roof by an exclusively female team of photographers, make-up artists and printers.

The FYEO® photo shoot company has built a fabulous reputation over the years as the leading studio for women and has built a celebrity clientele. The studio’s positive reviews from the press including being featured on the BBC for the confidence-boosting effect the photo shoots have on women.

To book a photo shoot session at the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY studio, call 01494 880 250 or email

  • Female Photographer
  • Private Studio
  • Full specialist direction
  • Airbrushing
  • Confidential Service
  • In-house airbrushing and printing
  • for your eyes only
    Professional private photo shoots for women over 18.