Alexandra Burns

A Day in the life of Alexandra Burns, Director of the UK’s leading wedding boudoir photography studio

“My bride unpacks her suitcase (it’s full of gorgeous undies, shoes and jewellery for her shoot), as she arranges it on the sofa in the dressing area, she’s explaining how the different sets of lingerie fit her body and what she likes about them. It’s an important part of the experience, to find out what she likes, her partner likes and how she sees herself. In itself it’s a pretty rare conversation, even the best of friends don’t look at each others lingerie collection. It’s fun. It helps my client relax and think about what she likes.
As she’s talking, I’m listening to her and I have an explosion of ideas, racing through my head, all the different and wonderful ways she can wear the outfits! I put a plan together in my head for how the shoot is going to go and chat through my ideas with her.”

wedding boudoir shoot

“I know exactly how her body will look in my photos – we talk about the photographs she likes and which shots she would like me to do for her. After her make-up session we head into the dark wedding boudoir style studio, it’s great for making clients feel more comfortable. My first client today is a plus size, perfect for boudoir photography, with lots of curves for me to work with! I suggest a first outfit for her to wear, black lace lingerie from La Perla, she wears pearl earrings, and wraps a long pearl necklace around her wrists for effect. I’m on a roll, ready to take her on a journey of my body sculpting wedding boudoir poses…”

wedding boudoir
“I like to start my boudoir shoots with an ‘easy’ pose ( some of the later poses are pretty psychical!), so my client can get used to the studio lights, and also so I can introduce her to my style of direction. I also like to make it light hearted and fun, giving precise direction. My instructions are precise, giving her the challenge of thinking about lefts and rights, which is great as it takes her mind off her facial expression of her nerves!”



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