Couples Boudoir Photography

Couples Boudoir Photography, by The FYEO®  Girls.

Now this is most definitely an experience to share. Our couples boudoir photography is a brilliant experience and makes a great boudoir photography gift! Whilst the shots look super sexy, the studio time is great fun with much laughter and giggles!


Take a gander through the couples boudoir photography gallery and you’ll see that as a couple you’ll be directed into super flattering and romantic shots, tastefully sexy with skin smoothing lighting.
You’ll also see that you can pretty much bring any outfits you want to and any accessories that are special to you.
Couples Boudoir Photography
couples boudoir photography at FYEO
Ideas for the lovely man to bring include:
Ideas for the fabulous lady to bring to accessorise include: 
Jeans (who wouldn’t want to look like a Calvin Klein advert?!)
Your favourite lingerie
High heels
It looks great if you co-ordinate or clash! And remember boys the girl will always steal your shirt so make sure it’s clean.
The FYEO Couples boudoir photo shoot takes place in any of our body sculpting studio. We have studios in Manchester, Covent Garden and High Wycombe. The Guys are often more nervous about the shoot than the girls are but we make sure it’s just as relaxed and comfortable for him as it possibly can be. 
So now you love the idea of sharing this photoshoot experience, you should go browse through our photoshoot option page to see which photoshoot package would suit your needs as a couple. Then either book online or pick up the phone and dial 01494 880 250 where one of us friendly girls will be waiting to answer any and all of your queries. When you call we will go through the diary and schedule a date and time to suit you.  We offer flexible finance on our top packages, so you can spread the cost over as many months as you want.  You can choose from our studios in London and Manchester, as well as our Head Office in high Wycombe.

After you’ve put a date in our diary, the fun begins! Planning! Look through our fabulous boudoir gallery again for ideas of what to bring.

Choose from our specialist boudoir photography studios in High Wycombe, and Manchester.

Buy a  boudoir shoot online here: or call 01494 880250 to chat through your ideas:-)

We hope to see you really soon.

Love, The FYEO Gals.



Couples photoshoot

Couples Boudoir Photography
I’m really proud of us’ Anthony says of his FYEO Couples boudoir photos

The FYEO®  couples photoshoot is a great opportunity for you to have intimate portraits taken together in the classic FYEO®  boudoir photography style.

Using the same contouring lighting and body sculpting poses as our boudoir photography for her, the FYEO®  Couples Shoot is extremely popular and available in all our studios. Continue reading “Couples photoshoot”