Boudoir Album

Create Your Own Boudoir Album at FYEO®

To create a boudoir album at FYEO® follow these steps…

  • visit the FYEO® studio to have your photo shoot
  • choose your favourite pictures from your shoot
  • submit your airbrushing requests
  • submit your deadline
  • submit your delivery address
  • this process takes 6 weeks.
  • you can purchase the boudoir album package by clicking this link

boudoir album

FYEO® specialise in creating The Boudoir Album

Since 2002, Alexandra Burns and her team of female photographers, air-brushers and printers have been creating The Boudoir Album for clients.

Costs for creating The Boudoir Album 5×7 size

  • 2 hour boudoir Shoot is £199
  • boudoir album is £100
  • 10 FYEO® 5×7 boudoir photos £30 per print
  • Total £599 inc VAT

Costs for creating The Boudoir Album 9×6 size

  • 2 hour boudoir Shoot is £199
  • boudoir album is £100
  • 10 FYEO® 9×6 boudoir photos £40 per print
  • Total £699 inc VAT

We are also about to launch an airbrushing and printing service so you can have your own boudoir photographs printed and airbrushed by our all female team of printing and airbrushing experts. Watch this space!

Wallet Size Album

We offer a smaller size album – perfect if you are travelling a lot. The photos are 3×4  and the album is the same size as your wallet.

The price for this is £299.

wallet boudoir album



Our leather albums are handmade in Italy. You cannot find these albums in the shops. The album is black leather with black card pages inside. Each photo is mounted behind a black card mount. The albums come in three different sizes… 9×6, 5×7 and 3×4.

You can order an album on our website,or call the FYEO® Girls to order one.  Our bookings line is 01494 880250.

For more information about the boudoir photography, boudoir album, airbrushing and boudoir printing services we offer, email

The FYEO® Girls can’t wait to show you how gorgeous you really are!