Sensual Photography

Sensual Photography

FYEO®’s  sensual photography is perfect for you, whatever your age. Have a look at our galleries and you’ll see…

We’ve just booked in another lady celebrating her 60th birthday with a For Your Eyes Only Photo Shoot.

The FYEO® studio experience is unique. One to one in a private professional studio, each client is directed into flattering sensual poses designed to flatter and compliment any body shape.

sensual photography


Whilst you are being directed into what we call ‘yoga meets twister’ poses you’ll be wearing your own favourite lingerie, heels and jewellery. You might like to bring along a favourite leather jacket or chiffon blouse too.

The poses are all lit in our beautifully flattering sensual photography studio style. This means that only some parts of your body are lit, whilst other parts of it are dropped into shadow.

Most of our clients prefer black and white photos, you may want a some colour shots, that’s fine. You might like our boudoir lingerie gallery, have a look.


We call our sensual photography ‘Body-sculpting’

The direction you get from your friendly female photographer will be super precise. She’ll ask you to move your finger / arm / leg / chin, body part,  to get exactly the shape she is looking for from your body. Have a look at our body-sculpting gallery...

The shoot is great fun and fairly psychical! After your shoot your photographer will show you her edit and then you get to choose your favourite pictures from them.

If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday and would like to book a shoot get in touch with the FYEO® Girls to find out more.

Contact us  on our head office line 01494 880250 or email

We can’t wait to show you how gorgeous you really are with our sensual photography!!

The FYEO® Girls


Dream FYEO® boudoir portraits of you

Dream FYEO® boudoir portraits, of you!

January is the time to start planning!

Happy New Year!

January is the time for a positive attitude and fresh thinking. It is also the month to plan your adventures for the year ahead! The FYEO® Girls love January. It’s when we organise our studio diary for the year, planning creative sessions  & booking clients in for their photo shoots.

Congratulations if you’re getting married in 2016

I’m sure that your wedding day will be exclusively brilliant… a red carpet event designed to celebrate the love & commitment between you and your partner — and a time to showcase your sense of romance & style. Your photographs play a big part in that and are an important memory. Flesh is temporary, but an image lasts forever.

Every year, the FYEO® Girls photograph brides in the studio who book in to create a truly romantic gift for their groom. It’s a chance to capture you at your happiest, and perhaps, before life changes.

Now is the time for you to book your FYEO® boudoir portraits studio experience. Do it because you’re a romantic, do it because you love that special person, do it because it will such a huge surprise wedding gift. But also do it for you. In the years to come, you’ll look back on your FYEO® portraits of you from this time and say…

‘The happy bride. The year I got married. Me before I had kids. I wonder if the dress still fits me?’

Long after the celebrations have passed and the dress has been packed away, the glow you felt from your FYEO® studio experience will still be burning. Revell in your beautiful bridal portraits and indulge both you and your husband with the sexy portraits you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Come and see us here in our famous studios. 2016 is your year! 2016 is an important year for you — for real, as well as on film.  Celebrate this year with beautiful stylish portraits and take control of your bridal image.

boudoir portraits
Boudoir Portraits by the original all female studio, FYEO®

More than just a photograph

2016 is going to be a fabulous year fro you. Make it the year when you create your stunning collection of professional studio portraits.

The FYEO® Girls are artisans, creating immortal gorgeousness. Directing you, capturing you on film and making your feel amazing.

Here’s how it works…

Visit the studio before your wedding day and bring along your wedding accessories and favourite lingerie.

During your private photo shoot, it’s just you and your female photographer in the studio, so it’s nice and private.

Your female photographs will direct you into the FYEO® unique poses, which are guaranteed to get the very best out of your bridal body whatever your shape or size. Specialist techniques called skin smoothing & body-sculpting are used to make sure you look amazing. Have a look at our gallery for some examples…

We all get used to being snapped all the time. Camera phones capture us at every opportune (& not always flattering) moment.

Professional portraits are important as they give us more confidence and help us to realise our true photographic potential.

I set up FYEO® in 2002 to give women the chance to feel better about themselves with beautiful body portraiture. I wanted to create a female only space where women would feel safe enough to reveal their more private side to the camera. Our unique professional photographic techniques guarantee that you will get to see the very best of your body shape.

FYEO® poses are unique. You won’t find this experience anywhere else.

Our specialist all female studios are super confidence boosting, we’ve even appeared on BBC TV with Alesha Dixon and Gok Wan in programmes about body confidence.

Brides, save the date, book your FYEO® boudoir portraits session now!

January is the month when Brides are booking their FYEO® Bridal sessions.

Don’t miss out! Get yours booked too.

Your session needs to go in the diary for around 6 weeks before the big day. Hurry! There’s limited availability during our peak season, and lots of Brides have already been booking up their dates since 2014!!

How to Book

You can buy your FYEO® boudoir portraits photo shoot online, or call the FYEO® Girls on 01494 880250 Monday to Friday 9.30am the 5.30pm. Call our booking line, you can speak directly to one of the photographers.

Book your shoot today and let the fun begin!

Studio Director Alexandra Burns

Get in touch! Call 01494 880250 or email