Boudoir Photography Shoot

First of all, I’d like to make it clear I’m not a ‘typical’ candidate for a boudoir photography shoot (if there even is such a thing).

I’m a few months into my fifties, I have what I optimistically call ‘an hourglass figure’, I don’t exercise nearly as much as my doctor would like me to, and I suffer from acute anxiety in new situations.

This said, I’d do anything to put a smile on my hubby’s face, and, with his 50th birthday coming up fast I was stuck as to how to mark the occasion. In the six years we’ve been together he’s had all the aftershaves, socks, scarves and golfing equipment I could think of and was out of options for that one special gift. So, I did what most people do these days: I Googled ‘special gifts for husband’s 50th birthday’ and up popped FYEO Boudoir Photography. Intrigued, I clicked on the link, expecting to see nothing but perfect model shots of confident, skinny young women and was extremely surprised and delighted to see excellent shots of a variety of ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes who’d been brave enough to pose for a professional photographer with stunning results.

Julie had a boudoir photography shoot at FYEO
Julie had a boudoir photography shoot at FYEO

That started me thinking…my hubby used to love seeing me dressed up in my sexiest lingerie, but somewhere along the way I’d become lazy and had fallen out of the habit as our relationship went on. He’d make many a quip about how he missed our ‘old Friday nights’, when I’d dress up (or, rather, right down!) for him and we’d relax and dance the nights into dawn. Seeing FYEO’s extensive list of galleries online, with intriguing titles such as ‘Fabulous at 40 and beyond’, ‘Plus Size’, ‘White Hot’, ‘Super Raunchy’, ‘Boudoir Body Oil’ and many more, I knew at once that this would be the ultimate gift for a hubby who was in danger of forgetting what I looked like outside my onesie!

Once I’d made my decision, the booking process couldn’t have been easier. I contacted FYEO and set a date for my photoshoot with the lovely owner, Alexandra Vince. The company’s main studio is just outside London, in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, but when I explained I couldn’t travel that far I was accommodated in their second studio in Manchester, much nearer to my Warrington home. With the date set and my individual photo package agreed and paid for in advance, the only thing left to do was to wait for the day.

I must admit I spent a very restless evening the night before, and was all but a jelly on the morning of my photoshoot – especially as it was to be a complete surprise for my hubby, so I’d not been able to tell him why I was even more anxious than usual! I made my own way into town, not really knowing what to expect when I arrived. However, from the moment I was greeted by the wonderful lady photographer, Claire, my nerves transformed into excitement – especially when Claire gave me a professional MAC makeover in preparation for the shoot. By the time the make up was applied (with amazing results), Claire and I had been laughing and chatting for ages and I was totally charged-up and ready for the shoot itself.

I’d brought with me an assortment of ‘sexy clothes’, which I tried on for Claire, and between us we agreed on the outfits I’d wear for the photos. She even helped me get my stilettos done up when my fingers were fumbling on the ankle clasps in a last-minute surge of nerves!

The shoot itself was an amazing experience. Claire and I never stopped giggling from start to finish as we got to know one another, and she posed me in what felt like some unnatural angles at times, but by the end of the shoot I knew I’d never looked or felt sexier. Claire even showed me some of the shots on her camera as the shoot progressed, partly to reassure me that the stretching involved in posing was entirely necessary, and partly to encourage me to be increasingly adventurous in the photos. I faced the wall, whip in both hands; I lay with an arched back, looking coyly into the lens, I leant suggestively over a chair and enjoyed the sensation of a large fan gently blowing my hair around – and these are just some of the inventive variety of poses Claire put me into.

For someone who’d been nearly too nervous to see the shoot through, it was all over too quickly. Claire left me to get dressed at my leisure after the shoot and went off to edit the photos on her PC. I joined her to select which shots I wanted to take home with me and which main one I wanted to have made up into a poster for our bedroom. That was the hardest part, as well as the best: choosing just one shot from the many black and white and colour shots Claire had taken felt impossible – but in the end, I plumped for the standing shot with the whip.

I was only able to take away four shots on the day, as that was the package price I’d agreed beforehand with Alex. However, I was reassured that I had a month after the shoot to purchase as many more images as I wanted if my hubby liked them.

Needless to say, my hubby was stunned and delighted by the poster I’d had printed and framed for his birthday, and we’re both keen to return to the studio to see the rest of the photos so that we can buy as many more as possible. I can’t thank Alex and, especially, the wonderfully talented photographer, Claire, enough, for her stunning use of light and shade, paint and props to make me look and feel absolutely amazing (as the pictures show) – and for helping make my hubby’s 50th birthday unforgettable! I thoroughly recommend a Boudoir Photography Shoot at FYEO.