For Your Eyes Only Boudoir Photography Reviews

“Thank you for an amazing day. Charlie put my nerves at ease straight away it was like I had known her for years! The direction for the shoot really was a mix of twister/yoga with a personal trainer and totally worth it. I left wanting to do it all again.
The pictures are amazing and I can’t wait to give them to my fiance on our wedding day. Thanks again for making me so sexy! Terri x”

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Fully Directed Poses at FYEO
Fully Directed Poses at FYEO

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience and I can believe that its me, I look fantastic! Can’t wait for my husband to be to see them. I highly recommend you to my friends, thank you again so much.” L.B. – STAFFS 24/04/14

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FYEO Boudoir photography Manchester Review:

“I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was going to be, and as the excitement built it was fed by the lovely Claire at Manchester. It felt like we were old friends, talking about random stuff the whole time, to the point that I even surprised myself and walked around naked without even trying to cover myself up!!  I felt beautiful and I feel this is reflected in the stunning photos I will forever have to remember the day with.

Thank you very much Claire, you made me feel amazing and welcome from start to finish.
Thanks Girls!  I can’t wait to see the look on my fiance face when he see’s just what I have been up to!”    C.M. – NORTH LINCOLN

FYEO Boudoir Photography London:

“I chose this for my husband-to-be’s wedding gift. This was such an empowering, confidence boosting experience in the London Covent garden FYEO Boudoir studio..  The photographer (Charlie) really made it personable and fun; she totally put me at ease as I was a nervous wreck!
I would definetely have this experience again and would recommend it to all women, the experience is fabulous alone and when you receive your pictures it’s an amazing feeling! Loved it!  Thank you so much FYEO Team xx  J.A. – REDHILL

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Boudoir Reviews…

Boudoir Reviews from FYEO Portraits

One lady’s experience from the FYEO® Boudoir Studio

“I know everyone loves reading boudoir reviews, so here’s mine… I was overweight as a child and didn’t successfully lose weight until I was 33. Losing just under 4 stone!

After years of being very uncomfortable with my body and rarely being photographed I started to become more confident after I lost weight. I became the smiley one nearer the front than the back in photos!

However it took two years to look in a full length mirror whilst in my underwear. When my Combat classes moved premises to a studio with mirrors I took six months to look at my reflection whilst exercising in lycra. At 38 I finally wore a bikini for the first time EVER on holiday (with the help of a spray tan!) My lovely children made me pose for some pictures by the pool in a private garden and thanks to some kind end of day light I looked passable.

Unfortunately having been overweight for that length of time and the toll of 3 pregnancies and caesareans on my body can not be totally removed through diet and exercise. I have thought for a very long time (even speaking to a plastic surgeon) about a tummy tuck and thread vein removal for my legs. Even though the scales tell me I am a healthy weight I would love to remove all visible reminders of my overweight past!

Operations are radical and potential dangerous things …….so I put the idea to one side!

boudoir reviews
Boudoir reviews at FYEO

One day I was at the gym … of the girls was showing us her ‘before’ pictures ( she had lost weight like me) the last picture at the back of the pile she said was her ‘after’ picture… was of a stunning confident sexy lady lying down naked bar a pair of great heels !!! I thought it was one of the most beautiful images I had ever seen and immediately asked her where she had it taken…..FYEO!

I came home and told my husband “I know what I want for my 40th!”…then I showed him your website! He was thrilled…… no operations just photos!

He has always adored me and never been critical of my size. He married me at a size 14 and watched me become more and more miserable when I rose to a size 20…now I’m a size 10 he wants me to be confident with my shape .

On the night before the shoot I tried to pack a suitcase but was really stressed by the whole reality of the situation. Standing in front of a full length mirror at home in your undies trying decide what to take in harsh light is NOT a good idea! I would suggest bunging everything (undies, accessories, heels etc;) into a case and let the professionals at FYEO decide what will work!

Alex opened the door at the studios and my fears started to subside she was friendly, smiley and offered me coffee!

Gemma was so chatty whilst she did my make-up! I was still extremely nervous though!

My photographer Alex was amazing in the studio…..she made decisions about my outfits which was perfect because she knows what will look good, gave me lots of clear directions on how to position myself ( the poses reminded me of a funny yoga class) and made me laugh!

Suddenly I had gone from undie shots to naked ones without getting nervous ……….a dark studio, friendly female photographer and no mirrors! Perfect!! The time flew by!

On the 14th August I will have been slim for 7 years. Losing weight has changed my life for the better but….. visiting For Your Eyes Only for my 40th birthday will stand out as a key moment in my life where I first accepted my naked body!

Thank You!

I hope you enjoy my FYEO® boudoir reviews.