FYEO Photoshoot

FYEO Photoshoot

  I’m photographer Alexandra at FYEO portraits and I would love to help you to purchase the totally amazing FYEO Photoshoot Experience.
FYEO Photographer Alexandra
FYEO Photographer Alexandra

A bit about us:

FYEO Portraits have been exclusively photographing women in our private female run studios since 2002. We have had thousands of rave reviews and celebrity clients, TV and radio appearances. Here’s the link to our reviews page if you’d like to take a look?
We have two specialist studio locations where private clients are photographed one-to- one  by one of our expert friendly female photographers. We have two bases –  one near High Wycombe and one in Manchester. The FYEO studio in Central Manchester operates on select dates throughout the year, a bit like going on tour! We take bookings for the Manchester studio up to a year in advance, so its a good idea to get the studio date in the diary as soon as you can.

The shoot price is 99.00 per hour, you can buy the FYEO Photoshoot on our website, or with me over the phone, whichever your prefer, this is the link to buy online, or you can call me on 01494 881881 and I can help you over the phone. You can buy images after your shoot, or pre order them. The price for pictures averages out at 49.00 per picture. The more images you buy the cheaper they are.
I hope that helps your FYEO Photoshoot enquiry a little? Do you have any questions for me? Email me at hello@fyeo.me.uk.
Kindest regards
01494 881881
FYEO Photoshoot review


I absolutely adored my boudoir photoshoot with you!

Suzy’s story – I absolutely adored my boudoir photoshoot with you!

Age: 54   Dress size: 10-12

Firstly, I’d like to say that my FYEO® photoshoot has absolutely changed my life! I’m a BIG fan of FYEO and absolutely adored my photoshoot with you!

At the time of my photo shoot I was living in Lincolnshire, which meant a round trip of 240 (very exciting!) miles to the studio.

Suzy has a boudoir photoshoot!
Suzy has a boudoir photoshoot!

I initially booked my shoot purely for myself. As a young girl I was constantly told how ugly I was. I’d retained a poor perception of my body and was lacking in self-confidence generally. But seeing the wonderful photos on the FYEO website inspired me to take that leap of faith and see whether I could look anything like as stunning!

Unfortunately, I was in a very sad place at the time. I’d recently discovered that the person I was seeing at the time had been cheating on me, and my self-confidence plummeted even further – along with my self-image. So I booked my shoot to try and get out of a very negative mindset and, if there was no one later in life to remember what I looked like in the photos, at least I’d have them to remind myself!

As I was travelling to the studio I kept reminding myself of how badly I needed this experience – and how much better I needed to feel in general. I wanted so much to believe I could look amazing!

I’d put an enormous amount of thought into stocking my take-with-me bag: in went my diamanté-studded heels, matching jewellery, thigh-length black boots, a playsuit, basque and a very sexy short lace dress. My photographer that day was Alexandra, and she very quickly made me feel completely at ease, helped me pick out the most suitable outfits for my shoot, and guided me through how to pose.

I absolutely loved bending, twisting and stretching my body to form the most seductive positions – I felt so sexy, unbelievably self-confident and increasingly daring as I became used to holding and posing myself differently as Alexandra snapped away. My favourite pose was lying on my back, body angled one way, with one leg crossed over the other and my face looking in the opposite direction, back toward the camera. Out of the many Alexandra took, this was the shot that captured who I wanted to be; who I am today, perfectly.

As it turned out, I went on to meet a wonderful man through an online dating site and I gave the photos to him as an engagement present. He very quickly became my husband after that! I remember his face on the day: he was absolutely blown away by how sexy and beautiful I look. He even cried! Today he has two photos on his iPad as his screensaver and login. We also have some framed on the wall in our bedroom!

“Great service with psychological positives”

I’ve recommended FYEO to many people, many times! It’s a great service (with psychological positives that you might not always realise at first), that you provide nationwide.