Body paint photo shoot

body paint photo shoot

We love getting all messy in the FYEO® boudoir studio with our famous body paint photo shoot…

Our model Nicole looks stunning all covered in black and gold paint.

Make-up is applied as normal before the gold paint goes on. We pour the gold paint onto a platform and Nicole rolls around in it to get all messy!

The results are stunning… the shimmer of the body paint is caught by our smokey slinky lighting, Nicole is freezing so we put our heaters on full blast to get her warmed up!

To get booked in, first choose a photo shoot package. Then on the day of your shoot, you’ll see your pictures and choose your faves.

Body Paint is a speciality at the FYEO portrait studio.

You’ll need to bring a spare set of clothes to go home messy in though!

Have a look at our body paint gallery for inspiration for your own body paint photo shoot.


Have a great day!



Body paint photo shoot
boudoir photography with body paint