40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th Birthday gift ideas from FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS®

Hi, all! Claire from FYEO PORTRAITS® Manchester again here.

So, I know that some of you this year will undoubtedly face the agonising task of buying your other half a unique 40th birthday gift. I mean for such a BIG event you want to be able to give him the gift of a lifetime. You want to make him gasp with amazement when he receives his pressie. It needs to be an epic celebration of him, his life and what he means to you. But boys, why are you so difficult to buy something original? I mean, you always say there’s nothing you want, but everything you suggest you would like; 10 seconds later you’ve already bought it!

Well, fret not dear readers, as I am here to help you see that we girls at FYEO PORTRAITS® hold the best answers to this sizeable search.

40th birthday gift ideas
Treasure hunt inspiration for a romantic gift idea!

So here is just one idea I’ve had for you to give him as a sexy 40th birthday gift.

Playing on the theme of 40 why not come in and see us for your personal boudoir photography session and create 40 stunning portraits of yourself. Then take these gorgeous photographs back to your home and create a treasure trail for him on the day of his birthday. Hide 39 sultry, sexy portraits around your home each with a note pointing to where he’ll find the next stunning photo. Meanwhile, you retire to your boudoir with the 40th birthday photograph and he finds you holding it wearing just his favourite lingerie. Imagine his surprise. I feel that this would be the ultimate birthday gift he was not expecting! Trust me he will think all of his birthdays have come at once.

I know that to many of you, showing off your body may sound daunting and isn’t an easy thing to do. However, the all female boudoir photography team at FYEO PORTRAITS® will do their utmost to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your time with us.

As an all girl studio, we have seen every shape and size walk through our studio doors and one thing we can tell you is that you are beautiful. We are damn sure that your husband or partner thinks so too. Why not take a look at our galleries and see for yourself (there’s even a Fabulous at 40 &Beyond photo shoot to prove that no matter what your age you can create beautiful sexy portraits)

Your session at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® will be focused on creating what you would like as a 40th birthday gift. We will make it as personal to you and your partner as we possibly can.

Bring in personalised items and props that will make your boudoir photographs even more unique to you and your relationship. Perhaps one of your partners shirts and paint your nails his favourite colour. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our what to bring for a boudoir shoot page for some ideas and put on your thinking cap. During your photography session, one of our fabulous photographers would give you all the directions you need to create the ultimate unique and sexy gift.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you like these 40th birthday gift ideas and think it would be perfect for the special man in your life on his birthday; then please take a look at our boudoir photo shoot prices. Here you will see which photo shoot package would suit your personal needs before emailing us on the form at the bottom of this page. Or just give the girls a call on 01494 880 250 to discuss your needs and book your date in our FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ Photo Shoot diary.

40th Birthday Presents

40th birthday presents
Fabulous At 40 And Beyond!!

40th Birthday Presents at FYEO®

If you are looking for a 40th birthday present, you should buy a photo shoot from FYEO® . We specialise in photographing women over 40. Our artistic black and white portraits are really flattering. Discover how fantastic you can look  through the FYEO® lens!

At For Your Eyes Only Boudoir Photography we believe there‘s no age limit to looking fabulous. In fact, this beautiful fabulous at 40 gallery features women aged between 40 and 65. As you can see our beautiful, artistically shot portraits are timeless and age resistant! Our world famous boudoir poses and studio lighting are designed to flatter all different body shapes, including yours!

So if you are heading towards your 40th birthday, or any other age,  why not celebrate with a collection of FYEO boudoir Photos to make you feel and look FABULOUS!!

We would love to help you on your journey of self discovery, as we have with so many other women over the years with our boudoir photography service. A photo shoot at FYEO has been proven to be extremely therapeutic in finding out that you are still feminine, attractive and sexy.

Re-discover who you are for your 40th birthday with a photo shoot gift… confident, strong, fulfilled and happy!

As you can see from the images the world is your oyster in terms of accessorising and dressing.

If you love the idea of this celebration of you, have a look at the FYEO photo shoot packages page option page to see which photo shoot package would suit your needs. Then either book online or contact the FYEO Girls. pick up the phone and dial 01494 880 250 where one of us friendly girls will be waiting to answer any and all of your queries. When you call we will go through the diary and schedule a date and time to suit you  You can choose from our boudoir studios in Manchester, or Bucks, in the South East.

So remember, whether you are flirty at 30, fabulous at 40 or sexy at 60 you can shine in your FYEO Portrait shoot and create stunning images for your birthday gift idea