Photo Shoots For Women!

photo shoots for women
Boudoir photos of FYEO studio director Alexandra Burns
sexy photo shoots for women
A colour shot of FYEO studio director Alexandra Burns!

Photo Shoots for Women!

It was my turn to pose in the For Your Eyes Only studio yesterday. We were shooting for a new ad campaign for 40 + women. ( Have you seen our Fabulous at 40 Gallery?) Lots of our customers are celebrating a 40th birthday and what better way to show a woman in her forties how gorgeous she is than by giving her a supermodel experience! My boudoir photos made me feel a. mazing! Boudoir photography is a real gift!

When I first started (my wonderful company) FYEO, I was in my early thirties. Seeing these shots of me now, in my forties, made me feel just as amazing as the shots taken of me all those years ago. One of the things I loved then and still do so much, is that the FYEO style of photography flatters any age or body shape.

My FYEO pictures reminded me that the bits I don’t like about my body, don’t matter. Instead I saw the balance of my frame and the colour of my eyes, the movement in my hair. Like all women, I usually focus on the bits about me I don’t like so much. This is crazy! Why do we do it!!? Every woman needs an FYEO photo shoot.

Photo shoots for women flatter. Fact.

My husband was thrilled with my boudoir pictures too…  I was surprised by this, I don’t know why! Maybe it was because he hasn’t seen pictures of me like this for a while. There was a time when I would have a shoot every week when I was training my photographers. He got used to seeing my FYEO portraits all the time. Training the photographers involves me posing for them to test their instructions to the model and my husband benefited from a weekly photo of me for years during the training!

The photo shoot experience was a real workout… I certainly felt it the day after my shoot in my arms and back! Gemma, my photographer directed me in to the poses with artistic precision. Small movements into the perfect pose  –  a shoulder down, knee bend, back arch and more got the best out of my shape!

Gemma has been an FYEO photographer for over a decade now. She’s brilliant, friendly, down to earth and a great photographer!

If you want to discover your FYEO potential, give the girls a call on 01494 880250 or email We would love to show you how gorgeous you really are!



Photo Shoots for Women Pioneer.




boudoir photo shoots for women
FYEO Studio Director Alexandra Burns


FYEO Director Alexandra Burns

Full Day VIP Photo Shoot Package with FYEO Studio Director Alexandra Burns

A creative and fun day with world class fine art photographer Alexandra Burns in her private body sculpting boudoir studio.

Alexandra is the founder and creative director of FYEO Portraits. She has been offering her unique style of body sculpting photography since 2002 and has worked with many clients from all walks of life in her specialist body sculpting studio. No matter how high your public profile, your privacy is guaranteed at FYEO.

“A fast paced and fun packed day, with plenty of glamour and a fabulous feel good factor! Alex’s precision direction into the poses gave me a decadent collection of beautiful artistic portraits which I will treasure forever.”
Dorothy Luxe, London,  29/05/14

Choose from one of Alexandra’s private luxury studios for your experience — click here to view locations

This VIP Fine Art Photo Shoot includes:
Private photographic studio for the day
Professional make-up artist for the day
Alexandra as your photographer for the day
Body Paint (optional)
Full direction into different flattering poses
Styling and editing by Alexandra
Skin smoothing airbrushing
Fresh Rose petals to accessorise your body
Champagne and light lunch
Private personal website with your complete FYEO Collection
20 large photographs in a beautiful black leather album, embossed For Your Eyes Only
Full confidentiality and privacy, copyright of your pictures and an NDA agreement.

Price: £2999 inc VAT

To book your VIP Shoot, or for more information, call 01494 880250 or email

Presentation Optional Extras
Any Size Bedroom Wall Framed Print
Leather Case With 40 photographs (includes FYEO padlock)
Bedroom Wall Triptych with Three 24” Framed Prints

Hotel and Transportation Concierge Service
We offer a concierge service, making travel arrangements for you to and from the studio. For international clients, we offer an airport pick up service. We have a selection of 5* Hotels we work with to give you a fabulous experience for a boudoir weekend away! To find out more please email

To enquire about the VIP Photo Shoot, or for a consultation with Alexandra Burns, You can contact her at or call 01494 880250.


Alexandra Burns
Alexandra Burns