40th Birthday Photo Shoot

40th birthday Photo Shoots at FYEO® 

The FYEO® Girls, believe there’s no age limit to looking fabulous, in fact, our  ‘Fabulous at 40 and Beyond’ boudoir gallery features women between 40 and 65. You can see that our beautiful, artistically shot boudoir photographs are timeless and age resistant! Have a 40th birthday photo shoot and celebrate with a collection of grown up glamour portraits!

Our gorgeous boudoir poses and studio lighting are designed to flatter all different body shapes, including yours! Your photographer will direct you seamlessly through your 40th birthday photo shoot, creating your gorgeous collection of personal portraits using skin smoothing lighting and body-sculpting techniques that we guarantee you will love. However, you feel about your body we promise that after seeing yourself through the FYEO® lens, your body image will improve dramatically. Thousands of women and couples have tried it; now it’s your turn!

What to expect at your 40th Birthday photo shoot:

During your 40th birthday photo shoot experience, your specialist body sculpting photographer will direct you into a variety of poses designed to get the very best out of your body shape.

40th birthday photo shoot
During your personal boudoir photo shoot, you’ll be fully directed into different flattering poses by a female photographer. This picture was given approval for our use by Cris, age 45.

What to bring

To accessorise your 40th birthday photo shoot, we advise you to bring along a selection of your favourite lingerie, heels and jewellery. Your female photographer will style you throughout your experience, advising on which outfit to wear and which shots are best nude if you want to go nude that is!
The FOR YOUR EYES ONLY® studio experience includes

• A one to one private make-up session with a professional make up artist, followed by the FYEO® photo shoot in your private studio.
• During the shoot, you will be in a variety of different poses, all designed to get the very best out of your body shape.
• Your photo shoot is a real workout! You’ll be using muscles you have not used before
• Our expertise is extensive, with over ten years experience since first opening our doors and photographing over 20 thousand women and couples!
• You’re in safe hands. At FYEO® we print and airbrush all pictures in-house, your photos never leave our care, until you sign for them.
• After your 40th birthday photo shoot, you will see your collection of portraits and choose your favourites to be presented how you wish.

40th birthday photo shoot
Your boudoir photography experience takes place in a private studio with flattering lighting and a body sculpting platform to get the best shapes out of your body.