Bridal Boudoir At FYEO®

Bridal Boudoir Photography at FYEO®

The FYEO® girls have been super busy in the studio this week with lots of Brides who’ve been visiting the studio to create a bridal boudoir gift for their groom…

Recent comments from brides in the studio today…

Thank you so much for everything! My photographer Charlie was so wonderful  – really chatty and friendly with fun music in the background – I felt totally at ease, even in the nude. I can’t wait to see the final pictures!Tina, London 1st June 2015.

Top tips for preparing for your bridal boudoir shoot…

  1. You’ll need your wedding lingerie shoes and tiara to accessorize your shoot. Click here to see our what to bring to a bridal boudoir shoot.
  2. Visit the studio at least 6 weeks before your wedding day. Click here to see our ‘how to book’ page.
  3. Arrive with your hair and make-up ready, or we can give you a MAC makeover. Click here to view our MAC makeover.
  4. A french mail polish looks best for black and white photos. Click here to view our bridal galleries.
  5. Prepare your skin with lots of moisturizer and body brushing before your shoot.
  6. Book well in advance for your FYEO® boudoir photo shoot. Brides are booking up to a year in advance. Click here to view our photo shoot packages.
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Bridal Boudoir photo shoots at FYEO®
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We are the FYEO Girls! Experts in bridal boudoir photography, since 2002.
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Low lit body shots at FYEO. Bridal Boudoir Photography of you, wearing your own accessories.

 In the studio

One to one in a private studio, you’ll be directed and styled by your very own expert body-sculpting photographer. This means that you will be told how to move your body to get into the right pose to make the best shape out of your body. If you are laying down, your female photographer will ask you to ‘move your right leg, drop your knee, move your right hand to the left a bit’ and lots more precision directions.

Our special studio is a lovely safe place where you will feel super comfortable about pottering around in your undies. You’ll feel even more comfortable because the studio is quite dark, and it’ll just be you and your female photographer in the room together.

FYEO® prides itself on the level of privacy we give to each and every client. That’s why celebrities choose us!