Bridal Boudoir At FYEO®

Bridal Boudoir At FYEO®

Bridal Boudoir photography is a photoshoot where a bride-to-be has pictures taken of herself and then gives them to her groom as a wedding gift. It has become mega fashionable in the last few years. At FYEO® we do Bridal Boudoir photography in a very special way. We call it BOUDOIR BRIDE® it is a trademarked name as we were the first to offer this service to women. We’ve been offering this service exclusively since 2002. You can see examples of the wonderful creative work we do here in our specialist studio in our BOUDOIR BRIDE® gallery.

We take brides on a journey in our specialist body sculpting photography studio. The whole experience leaves brides feeling super amazing about themselves and gives them a new found sense of va va voom!!

Is this you? Are you a bride to be looking for a really personal wedding gift for your groom?


bridal boudoir
Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot at FYEO®


What happens at a Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot at the FYEO® studio?

Your experience at the FYEO® Bridal Boudoir studio will be fabulous. We promise.

On the day of your shoot, you’ll be greeted by your friendly expert female photographer and taken through to our studio where it will be just you and your photographer in the room together. Alexandra Burns, FYEO® founder, set up the business to offer women a safe and girly photo studio, where women can enjoy a discreet, female run service.

You will have with you, your favourite lingerie and wedding accessories. Bring a suitcase if you like! Your photographer will direct you 100% into all the flattering poses wearing your own outfits.

Around 200 photos are taken, then your photographer will edit these pictures down to her favourites, then you choose your favourites to be printed and presented to your Groom.

You should leave your arty pictures for your Groom to find with a note— ‘meet me at the altar!!’

Your pictures will blow your mind as you’ll see yourself in a whole new light, in poses that cover 360 degrees of your body. The pictures are very flattering and we guarantee that you will love them , even if you normally hate pictures of yourself. These pictures are different.

Benefits of the FYEO® style of bridal boudoir photos are —

  • leg lengthening
  • slimming
  • waist cynching
  • curve creating
  • skin smoothing

After your Bridal Boudoir photoshoot, you’ll have a collection of beautiful portraits of you, looking the most confident and sexy ever.

Start planning your Bridal Boudoir session today. We take bookings up to 18 months in advance. You need to book a photoshoot package before you come to the studio. Check out our prices and find a package to suit your needs. If you need any advice on which photoshoot to go for, give the friendly girls a call on 01494 880250.

See you soon!

The FYEO Girls