Emma’s boudoir photography story

Emma’s boudoir photography story

Age: 33   Dress size: 12
My photoshoot was a surprise present for my now husband. I wanted to give him a naughty gift on our wedding morning. I’d spent weeks really excited about the shoot – but he had no idea at all and never did catch on!

Emma's boudoir photography story
Emma’s boudoir photography story
Emma looks gorgeous in her boudoir photos
Emma looks gorgeous in her boudoir photos

I’ve never had very good self-confidence and have pretty much always hated my body – until I had my FYEO photoshoot, that is! It’s not the sort of thing I’d normally even consider and I’m proud of how well I managed to keep my secret – but I was driven by wanting to do something really special for the man I adore.

Having checked the website before my boudoir photoshoot I pretty much knew what to expect (although I’d never done anything like this before!). I took along my best lingerie, including my wedding set, and some props (hat, fan, etc.). The photographer and I played around with loads of different looks in the studio, which was warm, inviting and intimate, and, together with the professionally applied make up, we shot some great looks together. The photographer was really keen to find out how I wanted to look, rather than simply posing me herself, and together it was a really fluid piece of teamwork.

My favourite pose was quite daring; I was entirely naked and scattered with rose petals. I simply couldn’t wait to see the results after taking so many photos and posing in so many different positions. The whole experience led me to realise that the stunning photos you see in magazines are just angles and lighting. Thanks to FYEO I have photos that make me look just as good, and that’s something I’d never have believed possible!

“ My boudoir photos are a great reminder of how I looked before”

Unfortunately, since my photoshoot and wedding I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve undergone a double mastectomy, numerous surgeries and I’m now five years into treatment. This has meant I’ve lost pretty much everything that made me ‘me’: I’ve put on weight, lost my boobs and have many scars. I therefore treasure my FYEO photographs even more, as they are a great reminder of how I looked before my cancer.

As for my husband, before our wedding I delivered the album of photos I’d had made up and giftwrapped in special FYEO packaging, with a note telling him it was not to be opened until the following morning (our wedding day). At the altar my husband leaned in close to me and said, “thank you for my present!”, and we shared a naughty smile. He then didn’t stop talking about it all day! Even now, after all we’ve both been through, my husband still loves the photos and we both look at them as something very special to us both.

Kirsty’s FYEO boudoir photos

Kirsty’s FYEO boudoir photos

““This is me and I love it!””

Kirsty’s story, age: 28,  dress size: 8-10

I had two reasons for having my FYEO® boudoir photos: I wanted a unique wedding gift for my husband, but at the same time I badly needed a confidence boost, as I carry weight on my thighs and have stretch marks as a result of crash-dieting in my teens – something I’ve always been ashamed of. I feel the media puts pressure on us ladies to fit into certain moulds. I’ve never felt like I fitted the stereotypical ‘model’ image, despite my petite size.

boudoir photos
Doesn’t Kirsty look gorgeous in her boudoir photo!


I’d never have believed I’d have the confidence to go through with a boudoir photoshoot – getting into my underwear and posing for someone I’d never met before – let alone getting completely naked! It was a huge step for me to come to the studio and embrace my body, but my fiancé mentioned he’d seen some a boudoir shoot in the past and said I should do it to prove to myself what he already knew: that I am beautiful.

I kept the shoot a secret from him, booking it for a week when he was away with work. I brought along three sexy underwear sets, as well as my fiancé’s football shirt, which we eventually used as a prop in my most adventurous naked shots! It really helped me feel less nervous and much closer to him on the day.

I was directed at every stage by Alex, my lovely photographer. She made me feel comfortable and confident from the moment we met, and I quickly gained more and more confidence in my posing.

After the shoot, in which I was allowed as much time as I needed and never felt rushed, I felt amazing: sexy confident and pulsing with adrenaline! I had a smile from ear to ear for the rest of the day – and every day of the three months I kept my photos at home in secret before giving them to my fiancé on our big day!

Needless to say, my husband was absolutely delighted – and literally speechless – when I finally gave him the photos in the special album I’d had created. I’m not sure he’d actually believed I’d go through with it, and knowing I’d done it for him made the whole experience extra-special to us both on our wedding day. And yes, he still looks at his ‘special album’ regularly to this day!

“This is me and I love it!”

FYEO® has played a massive part in helping me to accept and appreciate all my imperfections. I’ve learned to embrace every inch of my skin and I’m no longer ashamed of any part of my body. This is me and I love it! I feel that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and an experience like FYEO® can help you see yourself quite literally in a new light!kirsyboudoirphotos