Kirsty’s FYEO boudoir photos

Kirsty’s FYEO boudoir photos

““This is me and I love it!””

Kirsty’s story, age: 28,  dress size: 8-10

I had two reasons for having my FYEO® boudoir photos: I wanted a unique wedding gift for my husband, but at the same time I badly needed a confidence boost, as I carry weight on my thighs and have stretch marks as a result of crash-dieting in my teens – something I’ve always been ashamed of. I feel the media puts pressure on us ladies to fit into certain moulds. I’ve never felt like I fitted the stereotypical ‘model’ image, despite my petite size.

boudoir photos
Doesn’t Kirsty look gorgeous in her boudoir photo!


I’d never have believed I’d have the confidence to go through with a boudoir photoshoot – getting into my underwear and posing for someone I’d never met before – let alone getting completely naked! It was a huge step for me to come to the studio and embrace my body, but my fiancé mentioned he’d seen some a boudoir shoot in the past and said I should do it to prove to myself what he already knew: that I am beautiful.

I kept the shoot a secret from him, booking it for a week when he was away with work. I brought along three sexy underwear sets, as well as my fiancé’s football shirt, which we eventually used as a prop in my most adventurous naked shots! It really helped me feel less nervous and much closer to him on the day.

I was directed at every stage by Alex, my lovely photographer. She made me feel comfortable and confident from the moment we met, and I quickly gained more and more confidence in my posing.

After the shoot, in which I was allowed as much time as I needed and never felt rushed, I felt amazing: sexy confident and pulsing with adrenaline! I had a smile from ear to ear for the rest of the day – and every day of the three months I kept my photos at home in secret before giving them to my fiancé on our big day!

Needless to say, my husband was absolutely delighted – and literally speechless – when I finally gave him the photos in the special album I’d had created. I’m not sure he’d actually believed I’d go through with it, and knowing I’d done it for him made the whole experience extra-special to us both on our wedding day. And yes, he still looks at his ‘special album’ regularly to this day!

“This is me and I love it!”

FYEO® has played a massive part in helping me to accept and appreciate all my imperfections. I’ve learned to embrace every inch of my skin and I’m no longer ashamed of any part of my body. This is me and I love it! I feel that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and an experience like FYEO® can help you see yourself quite literally in a new light!kirsyboudoirphotos


Lesley’s boudoir photoshoot story

Lesley’s boudoir photoshoot story

Lesley, Age: 43  Dress size: 14

For me, For Your Eyes Only has been a life-changing – and very much life-affirming experience. I’m in my forties and have spent my entire adult life being overweight. In the last few years I’ve managed to shift some of the weight, however, I won’t lie – booking in for my FYEO photoshoot was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and if I hadn’t paid up front I would’ve backed out for sure!

Lesley's boudoir photoshoot

I booked the photoshoot as a secret wedding gift for my then fiancé (now husband). I’d never done anything like this before and I still can’t believe I went through with it, but it turned out to be one of the best days of my life!

On the day of the photoshoot I found the staff so welcoming, despite me feeling extremely self-conscious (and clearly used to nervous clients). I was really grateful that my female photographer took the lead from the start, giving me full instructions, but, as the shoot progressed, I felt my self-confidence growing and was able to ask questions and suggest a few ideas of my own. For the shoot itself I splashed out on new underwear (including the set I planned to wear on my wedding day and my fiancé’s rugby shirt, which I had to smuggle from his wardrobe unseen!).lesleyblogboudoirphotoshoot

Despite my initial doubts about how good I could ever be made to look, I absolutely loved the experience. I ended up thinking that even if I hated the end results, the actual shoot had still made me feel a million dollars. After the shoot I was flying, but keeping it all a secret was a killer. In the end, I had to tell someone, so I got straight on the phone to my best friend and told her what I’d done – and how fantastic and positive the entire experience had been.

On the morning of our wedding I got a close friend to hand-deliver a special book of boudoir photos, and I’ve since been told that when he opened his book he was absolutely speechless with delight. At the altar his second words (after telling me how beautiful I looked) were in whispers about his photobook! That alone would have made the whole thing worthwhile even if I hadn’t enjoyed myself half as much as I did.

You can tell from the smile on my face in the photos that I was feeling relaxed and comfortable – you just can’t fake expressions like that. I’ve had my favourite photo framed and hung above our bed – in it I’m lying on my back, stretched out with my arms behind my head – the curves are incredible!

“I have become more comfortable in my own skin”

Thanks to my FYEO experience I’ve quite simply become more comfortable in my own skin. I see myself differently as a result of the shoot, and I know I look and feel better than I have ever done in my life.